CHING YANG was established in 1972. It is a large-scale and omni-bearing copperwares development manufacture OEM factory in Taiwan that specialized in copper brass forging, die casting, casting and CNC lathe turning & milling, and surface treatment.

Because we have specialized forging craft technique, abundant experience, stable and excellent quality, not only be designated as long-term concert manufacturer by Tong Lung Metal,

Taiwan Fuhsing those famous factory, but also we continuously strive for making a breakthrough and innovate in each industries, such as building materials hardware and bath hardware...etc., provide the domestic and overseas customers the most superior product development project. 

The best production capacity

For more than 30 years, Ching Yang has been absorbed in the development and improvement of products, and has acquired the affirmation of some great domestic factories such as Tien Kuang, Tong Lung Metal, Taiwan Fuhsing…etc. Till present, Ching Yang has owned the most complete production line. In addition to insisting on using the best material to manufacture, we also actively invest equipment and process innovation. No matter forging, die-casting, casting, the follow-up finish machining and polishing are all complete in the factory, therefore, we can control the high quality of product confirmatively. The biggest tonnage's producing ability is the industry highest rank for the machine of 1000 tons warm forging machine.

Ching Yang has been accumulated forging technique for more than 20 years, and has already become large-scale forging factory in Taiwan by the chance of producing various forging products. We established complete cooperation between up-steam and down-steam in the supply chain and vertical integrated integration, including forging, die-casting , machine processing, polishing and draw to pack energy , must be good enough to supplies the need of all kinds of industries.